Thursday, April 26, 2012

Studio Sale!!

Studio Sale!

So I am just posting what I sent out in an email and on facebook, because I am too weary to paraphrase:

This is a random sampling of random art that will be at my studio sale this Saturday, 4/28/12 and next Saturday 5/5/12 from 1-7.

Not one thing that is part of the sale will be over $100 that doesn't mean that you can't make me some crazy offer on a big painting or something sitting of in a box somewhere. Most stuff will be under $20. And there will be a bin of $1 drawings. Feel free to haggle, although I am not sure if it will work.

Most of the objects in the studio sale have never been shown and probably wouldn't be, they are sketches, ideas, concepts, etc.  Some are things I just forget about.  Some are finished, most are not in one way or another.  I am not the biggest lover of finishing things. Some have been a little damaged or been stored improperly. And as I said, some I love, and others I just don't care for and don't feel like toting around. You can ask me when you come which is which, if you are curious. 

If you might be interested in truly snooping through an artists stuff you are welcome to come over whether or not you want or need to buy anything.
I will be in the middle of packing and organizing stuff so it won't be a pristine situation, just to warn you.  And there probably won't be champagne or anything like that (except for in my flask, ha ha).  But there will be lots of things to peruse. 

Absolutely no pressure to buy anything!  It will be at 5305 Bolm Road #5.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Figure Model, circa 2008

ink on paper, 22" x 16"

I have a lot of changes coming my way in the next few weeks.  A major one is that I am moving out of my art studio that I have occupied for almost 8 years.  Unfortunately I never felt that I used the space to its utmost potential.  Only really working on one show there and the rest of the time felt like I did a lot of dawdling and/or "experimentation".  So although I have a heavy heart that I am leaving, and it is such a big great space!  I am kind of happy (not really) to move on too.
In the meantime I am starting to go through my stuff because I am thinking of having a studio sale to get rid of some of the furniture and to get rid of some of the art.
It's always nice to take a moment to look back at older stuff.  And I thought I would share this drawing because it is one of my favorite figure drawings that I have ever made.  I had a great angle on the woman and she had a great blanket that she was leaning on.  Somehow it all worked out in a very simple manner which is always exciting.
As it comes closer to the studio sale (I think it will be May 5th) I'll post more about my progress but I might be taking a little break right now from trying to make while I let this transition happen.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Painting a Day, April 15

Painting a Day, "Apples and Mushrooms",


oil on panel, 6" x 6".

Friday, April 06, 2012

Rejected Album Cover

"Rejected Album Cover," marker, ink and acrylic on paper, 20"x 20", 2009.

A few years ago my friend, David Wingo, who has a band called Ola Podrida, asked me to make an album cover for him.  I did a photo shoot with my friends Jen and Mark Deutrom who were newly married.  They were super awesome models and let me pose and move and do whatever I needed to get good pictures.  I made this drawing which seemed to take me forever because of the attention it was taking away from my increasingly unhappy baby.  It was very different for me because the figures were teeny tiny next to the landscape and typically I shift it up.  He didn't end up wanting it.  I don't think it quite described the feeling he needed for his album.  I was a little bummed and it actually inspired me to make a suite of sharpee drawings during which I listened to two songs, "Donkey," and "Your Father's Basement," on his album continuously.  He had suggested I listen to the album while I made his album cover and I didn't.  For some reason I just didn't feel like it.  So I guess I considered that I was making penance by listening to these songs while I made the other drawings.  I LOVE his music by the way.  It is pretty amazing, and I was happy to listen to it over and over again.  In fact I listened to those two songs in my car and walking, every time I had a chance, while I was in the mode of making those drawings.
I used to hate this drawing because it was rejected.  And now I have grown to love it, at least in the version that I have online (I think it has been slightly photo shopped from the original).
I was thinking about this today and thought I
would share.  Listen to his music if you have the chance, it is pretty awesome.
This was my floor while I worked in the spare bedroom on the drawing.  Just to give a taste of my workspace.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Badminton and Paris

"Shuttlecock," 6" x 6", oil on panel, 2012.
"Girl in Paris," 8" x 8", oil on panel, 2012.

I made the shuttlecock a couple of weeks ago, I was a badminton player in high school and have a real fondness for all things badminton.  The painting of the girl comes from a picture I took when I was in Paris for my honeymoon.  I always loved this little girl and wanted to paint her.  And I think after that rough self portrait (which I debated deleting this morning) I needed to do something with better colors and without looking at me.  Although, I think that making the self portraits helped so I am not abandoning.

Monday, April 02, 2012

"Bird on Stripes,"
oil on canvas, 16" x 20" I haven't been really posting much lately because I am in a bit of a confusion about which direction to go. And really wanting to make things that mean a bit more to me. I am not sure how I will get there, but I think I will definitely begin to go bigger. If painting was about painting small I would probably have never been interested in it in the first place. And although it has been interesting to make myself try to be a better painter on small canvases I am getting a little sick of painting so small. It also feels very tight, at least the way that I have been painting. So...I might begin just to finally get back into a comfort zone in terms of size. And at this point 16" x 20" is actually biggish.