Thursday, June 21, 2012

Desert: 1

I haven't painted for awhile.  I tried at the zoo and it really didn't work out great.  So I tried again this morning at the Desert Botanical Garden.  I really would love to make some large desert paintings but I have to get some more supplies.  Until then this will have to suffice.  It was a real mess.  I could feel my lack of practice.  But it was good to get back to doing something. 
"Desert: 1," oil on canvas, 8" x 8", 2012

Saturday, June 16, 2012


When I was in college I really loved this tomato based pasta mix that Slim Fast made.  I would put tuna fish in it and eat it every single day.  I was poor and it was of the utmost importance for me to be very skinny.  This worked out for awhile, until Slim Fast stopped making it.  I was absolutely devastated.  It was a real loss.  I had to switch to Macaroni and Cheese with tuna fish, and although amazing, I never forgot my love affair with the Slim Fast tomato based pasta.
Which brings me to my new worry:  Film development seems to be sliding the way of my favorite Sophomore meal.  No duh, right?  But I guess the severity of the situation is beginning to really take its toll on me.
I haven't been as active with taking pictures as I used to be before having a kid.  But I have begun to take more.  And I had decided to put away my digital camera.  It is a 20 D and at this point feels pretty bulky.  Plus I filled up my computers with pictures and have had a terrible time with hard drives.  Three of them have died, which means that my pictures died with them.  So I was feeling like I needed to go back to basics.  And I pretty much have (with the exception of my iphone pictures).

But obviously, everyone else hasn't gotten there yet.  Being in Phoenix I am realizing how spoiled I had been with Precision Camera in Austin.  Because they still develop film and they are amazing.  And Holland Photo is there, too.  What used to seem expensive to me: $10-$12 per roll is the norm.  Walgreens and Precision both charge the same amount.  And there is really a big difference.  And I guess Phoenix has Ritz Camera, but still, I am getting worried.
And the film rolls themselves are super expensive now.  Twice what I used to pay.
Which brings me to my major point and that is that film still looks way better from Walgreens than it would if I had taken it with my digital camera.  Yes, I know there are many great digital photographers out there with much better cameras and a lot of people who know their way around photoshop.
But!  Look at how awesome this photograph is!  Yes, it is a photograph of a film photograph taken digitally and developed digitally, but still.
And who are these people in this photograph?  I have no idea.  I asked them if I could take a picture of them when I saw them on the streets of LA (of course!) and of course! they posed in a way which makes me suspicious that they are in some really cool indie band.  And that only makes this photograph thousands of times more cool looking then some random tourist and their gapey smile, but still.
I have been looking for some cheap places online to develop film,  Snapfish doesn't develop film anymore, they stopped in May, and there are only a handful of good developers still out there.  I found one after watching a CBS this morning show on how they were the last people to still develop Kodachrome.  They stopped, of course!  Hopefully the tide will turn back.  Because they always do, right?  Otherwise film seems to be going the way of my delicious and yet kind of pathetic favorite Sophomore meal.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 12

As I expected I haven't been getting much art work done.  I have been pretty much in full childcare mode but I am going to try to get some sort of practice started early in the mornings.  We wake up at 5 here!  Not my choice, yikes!!!  But I might take advantage of it.  I went to the Phoenix Zoo today and drew "en plein air" the spectacled owls.  These guys were sleeping most of the time but for a bit, particularly when there were observers, they would wake up and watch, or intimidate.  When my son and I visited them yesterday the one that is blue was a real talker, constantly making a whoo, whoo whoo gargling.  Sounded like a fast gorilla.  He loved it.  I was inspired to come back.  Especially because they didn't seem to move.  And I did find them in the same place this morning.  They didn't move until the very end of the couple of hours I was drawing them.  

"Spectacled Owls," colored pencil on paper, 14" x 17", 2012.