Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wednesday Figure Drawing

both drawings 18" x 24", colored pencil on paper

I went to the Scottsdale Artist School again last night to draw.  I really like their facilities.  I would enjoy a bit more dramatic lighting, and maybe some models with different bodies/ages/etc. but I always love a good chair pose and I think they do have a lot of different models, I have just happened upon two perfect lady models.  I think.
The one on the top was a 40 minute pose and I was very disappointed that I was going to have to work forty minutes on that pose, but I think it ended up coming out pretty great.  It was very challenging to make it look good and I finally felt like I should challenge myself more and put some more colors in the drawing, which I haven't done successfully for awhile.

I hate that my photos are so terrible but I am having a rough time with my iphone or something.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Thursday, July 05, 2012

What I have been up to

My schedule is all crazy.  But here are a few drawings I have been making.  I have been trying to go to figure drawing sessions.  Plus I have been watercoloring in my sketchbook.  The top drawing is from a figure drawing session at the Scottsdale School of Art which is a really neat art school for more traditional stuff which I can get in to, so that is nice.  The second is a watercolor of my son.  And the third is a watercolor of my new friend Tara who teaches really cool art classes to kids in Phoenix.  Vincent and I were lucky enough to take one right when we got here.
All of the photos are now taken with my iphone which is very unfortunate.  They are now all blotchy and out of focus.  I didn't bring my scanner to Phoenix which in retrospect seems like a big mistake, but we really had packed the car so full there was no more room. 
I made a watercolor of Marsha Brady that I need to post.  She kind of looks like a meth head in it which I found both funny and disappointing.